My name is Bee . I was born in 1998 North VN . Im a Graphic & Motion Designer / Comic Illustrator / Video Editor / HipHop Beat Maker / Writer / 3D Visualizer . I have worked as many roles which i mentioned above for many years. I supplied my ability for a lot of cilents and also a Old-Member of some Studios / Labels / Creative Company / Clothing Brand such as Lambda Team , DatViet Vac , ShuttleRock , DC Gang Record , Egodeath . I have started my process when i was 8 yearolds. In that childhood time I was watching alot of cartoon and drew all the characters who i love the most. Then I got my 1st computer and started to learn about Multi Media's Application at the age of 15 untill nowaday. Lucky for me i love creative work and want to get in deep to it as much as possible. Moreover , i really love music and spent many years to learn about it too. With me, perfect vision come with a fantastic sound , so you and me or other audiences can feel it by 2 sense to immerse ourself, push our personal emotions or have a full conscious identify in art.